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1998..........Community Radio 2AIR

Another community radio licence was to be allocated in Coffs Harbour. I had no experience in running a Community Radio.

I was keen to see a Community Radio in Coffs Harbour that would only broadcast "Country Music" and "Pop Memories". My previous experience at 2TM Tamworth clearly showed that night time listeners were mainly older listeners. None of the Coffs Harbour Radio stations played that sort of music. Coffs Harbour did have a Christian Radio station broadcasting on a temporary licence. They were well setup and were quite professional. I felt that starting with nothing would be nearly impossible. 

WEB.Radio Rotary presenting Cheque Radio

Rotary Club President

John Burkey

presenting a Cheque to 2 AIR


Web.Early Days 2AIR Radiio at the Big Banana.jpg

Presenters and Voluteers Early Days of 2AIR 
Back...Len Gear, Trudy, ----, Tom Skinner, Muna Hawkett.Middle...Mrs Gear, Michelle McQuilty, ??, Cooper.
Front...Wileen Hunt, Paula Lennon, ??, Chapman,Marylin Crags,Patrica Ryan. 

WEB..2 Air FM Presenters Early Days.jpg

Presenters April 2009
Len, Trudy, Graham, Tom,  Michele, Murna,  May,  Joe, Laura, Annet, 
Peter, Pat, Marlyn, Wilma, Paula,Elaine, 

WEB.Koori Conytry CBAA Award Graham Bell.2..jpg


"Koori Country" Produced by Graham Bell

Excellance in Music Programming


WEB.Bunnings Sausage sizzle. 2AIR raising FundsWeb..jpg

Johnnie and Ron Miller Raising some funds


A Proud Moment.

I had no idea at all that I was nominated  for this award. It was presented at Novertel Brighton-le-Sands Sydney. 19th May 2000.

Coffs Harbour "International Training in Communications" had nominated me.  

Top Comm..jpg
Web.2 Air FM Communicator of the Year.jpg

Heading 4

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